Photo of Cottage Romantic

Cottage Romantic


With a stunning lake view and an interior to match, this deluxe Door County cottage was redecorated to create an even more comfortable and captivating environment.

Architect Wade Weissmann Architecture
Photo of Relaxing Lakeside Renovation

Relaxing Lakeside Renovation

A trio of styled living spaces gives this open-concept lake home a calming, comfortable character.

Photo of Contemporary East Side Condo

Contemporary East Side Condo

Plush seating, modern patterns and natural materials work in harmony to create this chic, cozy condo on Milwaukee’s East Side.

Photo of Regal Relaxation

Regal Relaxation

Emerald flourishes and gilded finishes give this lakeside Wisconsin living room a royal, one-of-a-kind look.

Photo of Warm Suburban Remodel

Warm Suburban Remodel

Taken down to the studs to revitalize the space, this transitional family room came to life through warm colors and bold textures.

Photo of Erin Hills Golf Course

Erin Hills Golf Course

Rich leathers, wools and twills play off the deep interior finishes in this classically styled collaboration between Wade Weissmann Architecture and Peabody’s Interiors.

Photo of Lake Front Tudor

Lake Front Tudor

Youthful flourishes and custom additions give this historic Milwaukee home a refreshingly new look.

Designer Peabody's Interiors
Photo of Refined Farmhouse Kitchen

Refined Farmhouse Kitchen

Earthy monotones, natural mineral counters and a new center island transformed this Milwaukee kitchen from common to classic.

Photo of Midwest Country House

Midwest Country House

Eclectic, bold stylings define this sprawling countryside home.

Architect Wade Weissmann Architecture
Photo of Camp Bar

Camp Bar

A northwoods retreat in the footprint of the Milwaukee metro area, Camp Bar taverns fully embrace the style of the Wisconsin wilderness.

Photo of Surburban Chicago Home

Surburban Chicago Home

A cozy, custom breakfast nook and a poised-yet-welcoming dining room are just two of several stunning spaces in this traditionally styled suburban home.

Designer Peabody's Interiors
Photo of Pilates Studio

Pilates Studio

Natural light floods this clean, open studio space to create an inspiring mind and body experience.

Architect Wade Weissmann Architecture
Photo of Contemporary Neutral Renewal

Contemporary Neutral Renewal

Rich walnut cabinets and triangle patterned tiles set the stage for a lively, contemporary home.

Photo of Retro Hawaiian Cottage

Retro Hawaiian Cottage

From the custom cream casings on modern appliances, to vintage table linens and Hawaiian art, this vacation home on the island of Kauai is a 1960s-inspired island paradise.

Photo of Glamorous Suburban Revival

Glamorous Suburban Revival

Mystical details meet distressed elegance in this invigorating first floor update.