Retro Hawaiian Cottage.

From the custom cream casings on modern appliances, to vintage table linens and Hawaiian art, this vacation home on the island of Kauai is a 1960s-inspired island paradise. Bright greens, reds and yellows inside the home mirror the colors of the surrounding flora and beam with a mid-century optimism rarely seen outside old travel guides.


After hiring a local architect and designer and being dissatisfied with the result, this longtime Peabody’s client tapped Emily to transform the cottage into the vacation home of her dreams. The client had two requests: make the space relaxing and give it a retro style. The first request was fulfilled through the inclusion of an outdoor stone shower and dual daybed loft above the garage. The second was achieved through period-focused customization and visiting vintage shops around the island.

Location Kauai, Hawaii
Area 1000 sq ft