Warm and Welcoming.

This redesigned home with its newly open space, bold splashes of color and dramatic wallpaper is beautifully functional and creates the ultimate welcome – where friends, food and family meld together perfectly with the décor.


A professional couple in the medical field with a young child wanted a place where they could cook comfortably, host intimate gatherings and where a big group could hang out. The space was maximized taking down the wall between kitchen and dining room. Bright colors dominated their design choices. Peabody’s Interiors Principal Designer Emily Winters expertly balanced the intense color with neutrals like the dining room cabinet. So many beautiful additions though the dining room wallpaper is a dramatic favorite and the custom kitchen tiles are a bold unique alternative to a safe neutral selection. Each room is functional and adventurous, yet also warm and welcoming to the constant flow of people the family loves to gather together.

Location Whitefish Bay, WI